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Recycle for Schools,    9815 Independence Avenue   Chatsworth, CA 91311
Ph. (818) 772-4664   Fx. (818) 773-9077

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We recognize that many organizations have tight budgets so we have designed this program to be simple and fun.
This way everyone can participate in earning extra money for their organization.

Ever cartridge and cell phone you return also helps keep the environment healthy and clean for everyone.
Charities (see below)
Children's Hospitals
Non-profit Organizations
Daycare Centers
Recreation Centers
Scout Troops
Schools (see below)
Sports Teams
Government Offices
Your contribution will help a charity of your choice and
keep our environment safe! Thank you!
Add Your Charity To Our Site!   Click Here to Apply.
Thank you for your interest in raising funds by collecting empty inkjet and laser cartridges! You are also keeping our environment clean!
Collecting cartridges will be one of the easiest fundraisers you have ever chosen.

Once set up, it becomes automatic parents get in the habit of keeping their cartridges for you, and businesses are eager to help out their local community. Many businesses are searching for ways to be greener and you can offer them an opportunity! When you reach out to potential funders, it gives them an opportunity to participate in a meaningful way too.

It fills a vital community need and provides a way for people to work together for the common good.
Follow the easy steps below and you will be on your way to making money while cleaning up the environment:

1.  Register with us.
2. Get the word out.
3. Collect the cartridges.
4. Ship the cartridges.
5. Receive your check.
Fundraising for Individuals
Keep saving those cartridges!
Its really that easy!
Recycle for Schools
Schools have the best potential to raise funds and to make a difference for the environment.

This is an excellent opportunity for schools to raise funds for equipment, field trips and more by doing something that benefits the environment and everyone in it.

The recycling program is an easy way to raise funds. The more effort you put in the more money you can raise.
Getting the word out is all you have to do. Tell the faculty, the students, and the parents. Get the whole school involved and reach out to the community.

Ask your community for support, by donating their empty printer cartridges and cell phones for recycling.
Earn Cash for Your Trash!
Raise Funds for Your School
while Saving the Environment!
Recycle for Schools
9815 Independence Avenue
Chatsworth, CA 91311
Ph. (818) 772-4664
Fx. (818) 773-9077
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