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Recycle for Schools,    9815 Independence Avenue   Chatsworth, CA 91311
Ph. (818) 772-4664   Fx. (818) 773-9077

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Earn Cash for Your Trash!
Raise Funds for Your School
while Saving the Environment!
Recycle for Schools
9815 Independence Avenue
Chatsworth, CA 91311
Ph. (818) 772-4664
Fx. (818) 773-9077
Shipping & Step-By-Step Packing & Shipping Instructions
Before sending in your inkjet and toner cartridges, please confirm that the cartridges you are sending are on our list of qualifying cartridges.
Place cartridge in a plastic bag and wrap with newspaper or other packing material.
Use a stable cardboard box for shipping or use original toner/laser cartridge box.
When packing more than one cartridge in a box, wrap each cartridge separately.
Include cushioning material around cartridges to absorb shock and avoid damage.  TIP: If you hear noise or rattling when the box is moved, add more newspaper or packing material to prevent damaging the cartridges.
FREE Shipping Label (UPS) For minimum of 20 qualifying inkjets or 8 qualifying toner cartridges (or a combination of 15 of both types).
FREE Shipping Envelopes (U.S. Post Office) For a maximum of 3 inkjets or tape it to your original box with more than 1 laser cartridge per box.
Print the shipping report on a regular 8 by 11 sheet of paper and place it in your box. Print an extra shipping label / report to include inside your box,( in case of label damage we can still ensure credit).
Do not send tubes, bottles, tanks, or ribbons.
Please Do Not Send:
Defective Cartridges
Remanufactured Cartridges
Damaged Cartridges
Any Non-Cartridge Items

If you have more than one box to ship, tape the boxes together and apply one prepaid shipping label.  SORRY, we cannot pay for broken cartridges.
No items will be returned to sender.

Any cartridges returned that are not on our list will be subject to reimbursement.
Questions? Please call customer service (818) 772-4664 or email
For Inkjet Cartridges
Recycle For Schools (RFS) will arrange and pay for shipping for quantities of 200 laser cartridges or more, excluding additional fees (i.e. Lift gates, residential fees and etc.). Within 24 hours, shipping will be arranged.  For laser/toner cartridges, under 200 units, contact us for shipping instructions. Note: RFS does not pay for cartridges which are broken or damaged during shipping.

Smaller quantities of cartridges are accepted by RFS, and may be shipped via UPS ground shipping, using RFS account for payment.  RFS will pay for UPS shipping for quantities of 10 or more units per box shipped.  Cartridges should be packaged for UPS shipping with sufficient protective packaging to avoid damage during shipping.

All cartridges must be packed by the supplier in their original OEM boxes (2 per box), with sufficient protective packaging to avoid damage during shipping.  Cartridges that become damaged during shipping may result in loss of payment or credit to the supplier.
1.Please ship your cartridges in OEM boxes (2 per box). If OEM boxes are not available, package the cartridges in a corrugated box. Place a protective layer to separate and protect the product from damage.
2.All shipments must include a detailed packing list.
3.The height of the pallet should not exceed 2.4 meters. (6 feet)
4.To avoid damage, please ensure the boxes do not exceed the pallet size.  The boxes must be secured to the pallet using shrink-wrap or strapping to avoid tip over during transport.
For Toner Cartridges