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Recycle for Schools
9815 Independence Avenue   Chatsworth, CA 91311
Ph. (818) 772-4664   Fx. (818) 773-9077
Earn Cash for Your Trash!
Raise Funds for Your School
while Saving the Environment!
Recycle for Schools
9815 Independence Avenue
Chatsworth, CA 91311
Ph. (818) 772-4664
Fx. (818) 773-9077
More than 300 million cartridges are thrown away each year, while 30 million cell phones are discarded. Collecting these items is a great service to the environment and a great way to earn money for your organization or yourself.

Empty printer cartridges and used cell phones can be refurbished and resold. Therefore the core product still holds value even after the ink is consumed or a wireless customer has changed plans or upgraded phones.

Recycle for Schools is a family owned and operated business located in sunny Chatsworth, California.  Built on a comprehensive 10 year experience in the imaging industry, Recycle for Schools has combined up-to-the-minute knowledge with a passionate love for the environment.

Working to get those cartridges out of landfills, the last few years have been dedicated to the development and organization of a system capable of handling and recycling thousands of empty cartridges every day.
Take your first step to success by filling out the online registration form.
Once you have successfully registered you will be sent a Welcome Kit.
The kit contains cell phone/cartridge shipping bags. shipping forms and promotional flyers to get you started.
Each set of bags contains a form for you to complete to help us assure that your payment and new collection bags reach you. Be sure a completed form accompanies each bag.
Remember shipping is FREE!  Send in your shipping receipts along with your cartridges and the money will be refunded to you with your recycling check.
Get everyone involved. Hang posters throughout your school, organization and community.
Send memos, letters, and reminders to: Faculty/Staff members, Parents/Guardians, Organizations and Businesses.
Promote your recycling program through a community paper or newsletter. Remember, the more you promote the program, the more money you'll raise!